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Online Ordering FAQ

How do I pay for my order online?
To pay for your order you need to create an account with the store in order to purchase items from us. The guidelines below show how to set up an account with us. 

***IMPORTANT! Students need to make accounts in order to purchase items online too. Students can purchase items and books at the Campus Store or Textbook Annex using their Cat Dollars.

How to set up an Account
- To set up an account you will find an option under the "Home" tab of the banner that says "My Account". 
- Under that click on "Register here" and click on "Create Profile for Browsing and Shopping".  
- Fill in the appropriate shipping and billing information and everything will be ready to process your order. 
   ***Remember: you need to put the shipping address to where your package will be shipped to and the billing address from your card you are purchasing your order with. 

I selected where my order needs to be shipped to, but it won't let me continue. What’s wrong?
After you select your shipping address, you need to hit the button titled "use this shipping address" to continue with your purchase.

Is my credit or debit card charged after I place the order?
No, your card is not charged immediately after you place the order. This is because we may not have the items you ordered at the moment and we don't want to charge you for something we currently do not have in stock. Your card will be charged once the reservation has been packed and approved.
   ***IMPORTANT NOTE: Debit Cards have the amount of money on order removed from your account for at least 5 days to verify that they have funds in the account.

I placed my order but never received a confirmation email, what happened?
This typically occurs when the order was declined by your Credit Card Company or bank. Please check with them to ensure you have the line of credit or finances available to place an order or textbook reservation.

How do I know that my order was processed?
Here is the criteria for an order to have been received by the bookstore:

- You received an order number 

ex. Order Number = 10XXX (X= any number between 0-9)

- You received a confirmation email immediately or no more than 10 minutes from placing your order

- Your order is available to be edited and changed under your account information.

How long does an order take to process?
It will take about 5-7 business days which does not include shipping. Shipping will take about 3-5 business days.

Can I return/exchange an item I bought online?

Yes, you can return or exchange any item within 30 days of purchase and accompanied by an original receipt. Merchandise must be in new condition with all tags and packaging.
Please note that you must pay for shipping costs UNLESS the return/exchange is due to an error on our part.


CatCard FAQ

The CatCard consists of two different accounts: CatDollars and the Student Account.

What is the difference between Cat Dollars and the Student Account?

Cat Dollars: CatDollars work as a Debit line - the money you have in your account is the amount you can spend throughout the semester. Funds are allocated to students either by their meal plan choice (if living on-campus), or can be added manually by all student via ePay.

Student Account: The Student Account works as a Credit line – only through approval may the student use the Student Account for select purchases online or in-store. This approval may come in the form of pre-approval (such as in textbook purchases) or by filing for approval (such as when requesting a technology purchase). More information is available in the Computer/Technology Purchase FAQ and the Textbook Reservations and Book Rentals FAQ.

How can I use my CatCard at the Campus Store?

Cat Dollars*** can be used to purchase several types of products in-store and online:

- Clothing

- Food

- Other general merchandise

- Electronics

- Backpacks

- Laptops/computers/tablets

- Textbooks

- School supplies

- Appliances (check store for details)

- Bedding

- Bath Essentials

- Electronic Accessories

- and more!

Student Account*** can be used in-person or online, but only on select charges:

- Computer/Technology purchases: available credit dependent upon Financial Aid approval. More information below.

- Textbooks: all students are eligible to reserve up to $700 worth of textbooks per semester. More information below.

***Some exclusions apply - most notably the purchase of Gift Cards (Amazon, Best Buy, Steam, Olive Garden, etc.). Gift cards do not count as items that directly enhance students' learning experience at the university, and therefore cannot be covered by Cat Dollar or Student Account funds.



Computer / Technology Purchase FAQ

Steps for Technology Purchase to be put on the Student Account:

1) Retrieve and fill out the Computer/Technology Purchasing form available on our website or in-person at the Students First Center.


2) Submit completed form to the financial aid office at the Students First Center (SFC). Ways to submit the form:

- in person at SFC

- via email to

- via fax to (209) 228-7861

A financial aid officer will approve, stamp, and return the form to the student.


3) Once the form has been returned to the student, the student will then be responsible for turning the form in to the UC Merced Campus Store. Ways to submit the form:

- in person at the Campus Store

- via email to – Subject Line: “Technology Application”

The approved funds will then be added to the student’s SFA account online and the student will be able to purchase their technology.


Computer selection must be completed either in person or online at most 10 days before school starts. If a computer is not selected by then, the form becomes void and the student will not be allowed to complete a computer purchase for that term.

 - Students cannot pick up their computer/technology until Move-In Day


How do I sign up for this plan?

Students are required to fill out the Computer / Technology Purchase Agreement  and get signature from Financial Aid Office certifying whether or not the student has financial aid award. This form will also include the amount of anticipated refund that may be applied to their student account for the term which will determine how much the student will be able to spend on technology.   


How do I know if I qualify for this plan?

Every student is eligible to purchase technology under this plan, however, the amount purchased will be due the same day as the first bill from the University. 


What if my refund disbursement amount does not cover the amount being purchased?

If the amount being allocated to the student account does not cover the desired technology purchase, the student will be responsible for covering the remaining cost of the product.


What is the deadline, if there is one?

Every purchase must be finalized 10 days prior to the 1st day of instruction. The last day to be approved for Fall 2017 is August 13th. If this program is approved for a student, the student has the option to pay any charges on the student account, in three monthly installments per semester via the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP). SBS charges a $40 enrollment fee for the DPP - please visit Student Business Services for additional information. If you do not sign up for the DPP, all charges will be due August 16. 


Is DPP required?

The Deferred Payment Plan is not mandatory, it is just an alternative to spread the payments into three monthly installments per semester.   


What is the maximum amount I can spend?

The maximum amount a student can spend depends on their financial aid award. If the student is not receiving a financial aid disbursement, then no more than $1500.00 will be allowed on the student account for technology from the Campus Store. Students are responsible for ensuring the payment of their technology purchase, whether the cost is covered by their refund disbursement amount or by paying all outstanding charges by the due dates indicated on their ePay.  


Can I return the technology?

Technology merchandise cannot be returned to the UCM Campus Store for refund or exchanges unless it has been inspected by Store Management and is verified to be defective or is unopened and contains the factory seal. Any non-defective open Technology product cannot be returned to the UCM Campus Store. 


For students using their UCM account as a form of payment, it is understood that the UCM Campus Store is not initiating a payment plan nor assistance in financing these charges. 


Textbook Reservation and Book Rental FAQ

When can I reserve textbooks?
Textbook reservations are made online requiring that you have already made a reservation account on our website. Reservation dates change from term.

How does paying with my Student Account work?
Your total book balance will be charged to your student account - if the charge is made more than 10 days before the beginning of the semester then the balance will be deducted from your financial aid (if applicable). If the change is made 10 days or less from the start of the semester then the charge will appear on your next Student Business Services (SBS) Billing Statement. You are then responsible for ensuring all outstanding charges are paid by the due date indicated on your billing statement.

- Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) - Students with an outstanding balance of over $500 may be eligible to participate in the DPP. More information on the DPP can be found HERE.

- When are student account payments due? - Payments are due according to deadlines set by the Student Business Services Billing Statements. Student Business Services Fee Deadlines can be found HERE. You can find your Billing Statements on ePay.

How does paying with my Cat Dollars work?
The amount of Cat Dollars you have is determined by the type of meal plan you chose (on-campus students). Off-campus students have the option to add funds to their Cat Dollars fund if they may choose to do so. There are several perks to paying with your Cat Dollars! Once you purchase your textbooks, you don't have to worry about remembering to pay off any outstanding balances. You also earn plenty of points for purchasing textbooks via the Bobcat Rewards Program! You can find more information about the power of your CatCard HERE.

What if I charged books onto my Student Account but want to change it to my Cat Dollars instead?
Once a purchase has been made on the Student Account, the Campus Store is unable to make changes on the payment type. In the case of extenuating circumstances, a petition must be submitted with proof of necessity for the change in payment type. Petitions may be approved or denied at the discretion of Campus Store Management. Petitions can be submitted online HERE.

How long is the rental period and what are the terms?

Textbook rentals typically last from the initiation of the rental agreement to the end of the rental period, whether that be Finals Week of the Fall or Spring semesters, or the last day of your respective Summer session(s). Details on the rental can be found in the Textbooks page beneath the rental agreement terms and on the receipt given at the time of rental.

Which textbooks are available for rent?
Textbooks that have the rental option will be indicated on our Website. There may be up to four different prices for the book you wish to either rent or purchase. You can pick between used or new, and you will need to return the rental book at the end of the rental semester.

What do I need to rent my textbooks?

In order to rent textbooks, you must have:

1) your CatCard

2) a debit or credit card (that does not expire anytime throughout the requested rental period) that we may keep on file in case the rental is not returned


Can I return rental books if I highlight or write in them?
Rentals can be returned if the highlighting and/or writing is not excessive. Rentals cannot be returned if the book incurs any damages over the rental semester. 
Examples of non-returnable damage are:
           - water/fire damage

           - torn pages and/or cover

           - foreign substance exposure

           - excessive writing/highlighting or markings

What days are the final days to return rental textbooks?
Rentals must be returned by the final day of the semester or term the book was rented for.

Rental return dates for Fall 2018 Rentals:

**Last day to return December 14th**

Are Rental Books available for return?
Yes, Rental Books can be returned at the start of the semester for a full refund if they are not needed. After that return period, however, they can't be returned. 

When/where do I return my textbooks and rental books?
You return all your rentals and textbooks during the buyback time during Finals week of each semester, or the last day of your respective summer session. Non-rental textbooks are eligible to receive a cash credit during this time if you decide to partake in Textbook Buyback. Rental returns do not get a cash return.

What is the Textbook Buyback program?

The Textbook Buyback program enables students to sell back their used textbooks at up to 50% of their purchase price. Buyback prices are dependent upon whether or not the Campus Store will require stock for the following semester, whether a professor has requested the book for a future term, or, in the case that the Campus Store is not buying it back for our campus, that the used book company is in need of stock. In-store Buyback occurs at the end of each semester. You can also sell your books directly to used book companies online. More information is available HERE.

What if I want to purchase my rental book?

If at the end of the rental period you decide you wish to purchase your rental book, you must first RETURN the rented book by visiting our Textbook Annex, at which time you would indicate that you want to purchase the book. Once the rental return is processed, you may purchase the textbook at the current used price.





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