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 Textbook Reservations are now OPEN!


Textbook listings are subject to change at any time without notice. The Campus Store will refund any text purchased at the Campus Store (with the receipt only) in the event of a change in requirement. We cannot refund, return, nor replace any books purchased online through alternate sources. Classes are subject to cancellation, professors change title requirements at will, and instructor assignments are subject to change for various reasons without notice. We recommend that students who decide to purchase textbooks from other sources secure return options with those sources before finalizing purchases.


You have entered into a rental agreement with our bookstore to loan you one copy of a selected title. Rental textbooks are the intellectual property of the author(s) and are copyrighted by the author(s) or publishers. Textbooks rentals are not to be reproduced. The rental agreement is only effective for the current semester. Per terms of this agreement, you are responsible for adhering to the following statements:


  • I understand that all titles for rent are property of the bookstore.
  • Materials must be returned in the appropriate condition: clean, with minimum writing, highlighting, and with few notes. You agree to be billed for the full publisher's price of the materials if any of the items are damaged or missing.

Last day for textbook refunds** is:

Spring 2019:                          FRIDAY    |   January 25TH, 2019

WITH DROP SLIP:                 TUESDAY    |   February 5TH, 2019



RENTAL books can be returned during Finals Week:


Spring 2019:                MAY 13TH - MAY 17TH





Last day to reserve books: 1/17/2019

First day of class: 1/22/2019

Last day for a refund with receipt: 1/25/2018

Last day for a refund with a Drop Slip: 2/5/2019

Last day to return Spring 2019 rentals: 5/17/2019



All textbook returns require the Original Receipt and that the book be in the Original Condition it was sold.

**All refunds may be assessed a minus 10% restocking fee, as per discretion of the Campus Store Management.

 (Location(s): College Campus Store or Textbook Annex)

For Store hours please visit our website at

You agree to be billed for the price of the rental materials if they are not returned on time.

  • If you wish to keep your rental materials, this decision would need to be made during the textbook refund period. You would need to bring your rental book in for a refund and make a separate purchase. After the textbook refund period has passed, you cannot purchase your rented book. 
  • Non-returned materials are charged for the full price.

For more information regarding Textbooks you can visit our FAQ tab to answer the following questions:

  • How long is the rental period and what are the terms?
  • How do I know which books are available for rental? 
  • What do I need to rent my textbooks? 
  • Are rental textbooks eligible for refunds? 
  • Where do I return my rental books? 
  • What if I want to purchase my rental book? 
  • When am I able to reserve my textbooks?


Order Textbooks With Your Student Account:

Bobcats, you now have the option to purchase textbooks through your student account!


When ordering your books online, be sure to select "Payment Type: Student Account." Students should have an available credit of up to $700 to attribute to textbook purchases. If the textbooks are ordered AND packed by the Campus Store more than 10 days before classes start, the cost of the books will be deducted from your financial aid refund (if applicable). If ordered 10 days or less from the start of the semester, and the books have NOT been packed, the cost of the books will be charged directly to your student account and will show up on the next billing statement. The student will be responsible for ensuring the payment of any outstanding charges (if applicable). According to the Student Business Services website, all University charges posted to your student account are due by 4:00 PM Pacific Time on the payment deadline indicated on the monthly billing statement.


Textbooks purchased through Textbook Reservations via the student account are also eligible for the Deferred Payment Plan (if all other requirements are met). To learn more, visit the SBS Deferred Payment Plan page.


For more information regarding your Student Account, visit the Financial Aid page. To check your Billing Statements, visit ePay.


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