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Important Departments of UC Merced!     

Campus Store

The Campus Store’s Priority Is To Provide Our Valued Customers With Fantastic Service, Great Products, And An Exceptional Environment. We Truly Value Our Customers And Appreciate Their Support.


Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life is here to encourage involvement in campus life, support student initiatives and serve as a primary liaison for students.

 Student Health Services

The mission of the Health Services is to help each student strive for maximum physical and emotional health while pursuing their academic and personal goals at the university.

Calvin E. Bright Success Center

The mission of the Calvin E. Bright Success Center is to provide academic advising and learning support services which empower students to be successful in their academic and personal development.


Counseling Services exists to support the academic pursuit of UC Merced students by providing professional services that care for the emotional, personal, and social wellbeing of students.


Housing & Residence Life

The mission of Housing and Residence Life at the University of California, Merced is to provide clean, safe, student-centered residential communities.

 Cat Card Office

The UC Merced CatCard is a multi-service identification card for students, faculty, staff and affiliates of the University of California, Merced. It’s fast, convenient and secure, plus it has no monthly fees.


Transportation and Parking Services is committed to providing safe and reliable parking and transit services for all students, faculty, staff and visitors.

 Informational Technology

IT mission is to provide information technology infrastructure and services to the entire University.

International Affairs

The mission of Office of International Affairs at the University of California, Merced is to transform the university community by integrating an unparalleled diversity of cultural perspectives, mutual learning and global opportunities into our core academic, research and service missions.

 Cashiering Office

Cashiering can help with any payments from tuition to parking permits.

Students First Center

The Students First Center (SFC) is UC Merced’s one stop shop for enrollment services.  Students, staff, faculty and guests can contact the SFC for assistance with  Admissions, Financial Aid, and Registrar related services. SFC staff are cross trained in all areas of enrollment services and work closely with various departments across campus to provide appropriate referrals when necessary.

 Natural Science Advising

The University of California has a mission of research, teaching, and publiv service. Research excellence forms the foundation upon which academic programs flourish in all the University of California campuses.

Career Services

The Career Services Center at the University of California, Merced empowers students and alumni to reach their full potential by offering services in career development, experiential education, employment and graduate school.

 Recreational & Athletics

The UC Merced Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation Department’s mission is to offer a wide range of high quality athletics and recreation programs which will enhance and enrich the educational experience of students, as well as to provide recreational and fitness facilities and activities for the entire University community.

SSHA Advising

SSHA serves regional, state, national, and international communities as a multi-interdisciplinary partner within a research-intensive public university committed to innovative and substantive research, excellent teaching, and student-focused learning.

 Dining Commons & Market Place

Campus Dining Services is committed to meeting the diverse culinary needs of the campus community.








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