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Courses using Inclusive Access for Fall 2018:

          -BIO 1

          - BIO 3

          - BIO 5      

          - BIO 60  

          - CHEM 2

          - CHEM 10

          - ECON 6A

          - ECON 6B

          - ECON 7

          - ENGR 151

          - MATH 5


          - MATH 21

          - MATH 22

          - MATH 23

          - PHYS 8

          - PHYS 9

          - PHYS 18

          - PHYS 19

          - SPAN 1

          - SPAN 2

          - SPAN 3

          - SPAN 4

What is Inclusive Access?


The UC Merced Campus Store has partnered with top academic publishers to bring forth interactive digital course material at reduced costs in comparison to printed textbooks. Students can save up to 70% off the price of a new print textbook.


So… Like an e-book?


Inclusive Access is so much more than just an e-book! Students and Instructors alike can benefit from all that Inclusive Access course content has to offer.


For Students: Students can greatly benefit from all that Inclusive Access has to offer! Having access to interactive material – unlike printed text or even e-books – can drastically change the student’s experience in learning. We want students to have everything they need to succeed, on the first day of class. The Inclusive Access model gives students immediate digital access to all of their course materials for up to 70% off the price of a new print textbook. Additionally, specific program features such as interactive online assignments, multimedia presentations, virtual tutoring, and dynamic study and self-assessment tools give students everything they need to study well and succeed!


For Instructors: Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, Inclusive Access allows professors to facilitate learning beyond the classroom. With interactive online assignments, multimedia presentations, virtual tutoring, and dynamic study and self-assessment tools, professors can now have the most advanced educational tools available at their disposal. Faculty feedback will be taken into high consideration when deciding to implement this program into future courses.



We aim to start small and add courses as faculty interest and student support grows. In order to expand Inclusive Access, we look to actual student feedback and faculty recommendations, as well as end-of-semester student grade results in comparison to the average grades earned in the equivalent courses from previous semesters. For more information, feel free to email UCM Textbooks at


Students enrolled in courses that have Inclusive Access listed as required course material will access this content through UCM CatCourses via All students who do not "opt out" or drop the course before February 5th, 2018 will be charged for the course material. Students who do opt-out will lose all access to the Program once the Add/Drop date has passed and will need to source the content independently. Students who wish to opt out (or back in) may do so by following the steps in this video:





Click here to log into CatCourses.

All Opt-Outs must be made before the next Add/Drop period closing date: September 12th, 2018.


Students who do NOT opt out will be billed against their CatDollars if available, if no CatDollars are available, the fee will be charged to their student accounts and will appear on their MyBill. The charge will show up at the next billing cycle, and will be present in the following month’s billing statement. All payments are due by 4:00pm by the due date listed on the billing statement. For more information, or a detailed walk-through, check out the Student Business Services website.



This program is modeled after UC Davis’ Inclusive Access Program. For more information, visit UC Davis Stores or email

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